Forming SERIOUS 5's Team G+ [[READ]]

Alright so im gonna try and keep this straight to the point. Boys.. I'm tired of all this "Starting 5's team" bs and me applying and playing 1-2 games and never hearing from these kids again. So I'm gonna make it my goal to get the players that want to play 5's and are serious about it. I wont lie to anyone, i will look up your stats (ranked games played/Win Ratios/ Most Played Champs Ect.) So don't come at me with "I play mid" and your champ pool is AD/Top champs lol. So anyways here's what I'm looking for. IGN: Ranked Played in S5: Current Rank: Postion Applying for: Champ Pool: ((Keep in mind, yes im trying to form this team swiftly, but i also wanna make sure i get the right group of guys willing to commit. So it may take a couple days))
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