LF support main for serious 5's/tournament team (gold +)

Please understand meta champs and how to play the meta in general. We're looking for a dedicated shotcaller so having experience in that is a huge plus. We will be looking to do tournaments and take the game seriously, so we ask that you have the same mindset. We have all played and won against high rank players so please understand that we will not be focused on playing against weaker teams/players, but looking to fight with (and hopefully beat) the best. We also ask you be active. We aren't looking for players who are going to play 1-2 games a night and call it quits. We understand everyone has a life outside of league, but if you cannot make time to play 3-4 ranked games 3-4 nights a week, this is not the team for you. Copy/paste this app then add me in game - exdeee IGN - Role - Current/Last season rank - Can you shotcall? - Availability - VOIP programs you can use -
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