[NA] Looking for Team or Potential Duo * Joining / Creating.

What I'm looking for ; A. Team already featuring Four members, looking for a fifth in the role of ADC. B. Team already featuring Five members, looking for a Sub in the role of ADC. C. Dedicated individuals with a mastery in their own unique role, that are willing to possibly duo in the future. D. Dedicated individuals that are willing to create a team * Details below. * To be considered a "dedicated" player, you must demonstrate and show that you're clearly interested in "Team Mechanics" Not just growing as an individual but growing as a team focused individual; Such as, Picking Champions that synergize together, Syncing together via communication and working out plays together. Having the ability to rely on somehow and their ability means a lot, and takes a lot of time to adapt too. Consistent reliably builds trust within the team environment. Ranks are less admirable compared to general statistics. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Again, as stated I main "ADC" but very capable of playing other roles.

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