Creating a Serious Rank Team

Bloodbath Gaming Recruiting players who want to take there game to the next level and work as a team to climb the rank 5s later. There will be practices, scrims, and we will be participating in tournaments. We won't be jumping into rank immediately until we build synergy and figure out comps that work for our play style. Tryouts will be held right now an throughout the night so if you don't get a friend request immediately you will when its your turn to tryout. I will be informing people on here if a position does get filled and if it does before you have an attempt to tryout I apologize. > NOTE: DO NOT ADD ME ILL ADD YOU! IF YOU DO ADD ME I WILL IGNORE THE REQUEST AND YOUR APPLICATION! Application is as follows: IGN: AGE: Rank: Role: Champions (If you play non meta champs leave them out): Rank 5s experience (If so how much) : Y/N League Experience (How long have you been playing for):
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