Mag!c Esports Top and ADC Needed[/img] Are you in Gold or up and looking for a competitive team? Than Mag!c Esports may be the team for you. We are looking to fill out our roster which requires the following roles: -Top -ADC After having undergone several roster changes due to attitude and toxicity; being fun, positive, and light-hearted is a huge must have for this team. Attitude is something that is MUCH harder to correct than any other aspect on the game and is the most important factor we consider. We prefer you to be 16 years or older for maturity reasons. Positive attitude is a HUGE must. We are a serious team but want everyone to get along well and keep the atmosphere very light and fun! If you get toxic and flame in ANY way, shape, or form it will not work out. Please see the following descriptions below for each role to see if you will be a fit: Top lane - We are looking for a solid laner more than anything. We can work on improving team-fighting together as this person comes in; however, individual skill and being able to both win lane AND absorb pressure when needed is a huge must have. The goal is to have the jungler primarily focus on top and mid lane; however, in the event that they are unable to make it top we need someone that we can still count on to put up a reliable performance even if the enemy Jungler still comes in spite of ours not. A large champion pool is preferred and of course a positive and fun attitude is a must have. Good loud communication is preferred as our Jungler does tend to play on the more reserved side in this aspect. ADC - The main aspect for our adc that we are looking for is champion variety and survivability. The support we have has a VAST amount of in game knowledge and one of the best attitudes. As such we are less worried about individual performance as that can be worked on with the support as time progresses. Being able to survive and knowing when you can and cannot be on your own is VITAL to this season's marksman's. Good CSing ability is preferred as if the bot lane can passively win through farm that is the ideal preference due to the abnormally high vulnerability of ADC's in the current meta. Again attitude is everything and good synergy with our support is a must. If either of these descriptions fit you please add "Threshs" in game and contact him regarding tryouts. Tryouts will be performed in two stages that are formatted as followed: Stage 1 Preliminaries - This stage of tryouts will be solely with Threshs, our support, in order to determine if you meet the general mold of what we are looking for. Should you gain the approval of Threshs you will then be moved onto the next stage of tryouts. Stage 2 Final Cuts - This stage of tryouts will be with the whole team and is going to be used to see a variety of factors such as communication levels, play making ability, survivability, and overall reliability and synergy with the rest of the team. This stage will consists of 3 games after which the team will ask for some time to discuss and ponder the options we have available as well as continue any other tryouts we have. If you don't want to add us in game then please comment with the following info: IGN: Role: Rank: Rank Last Season: Playstyle: Top 3 Champs For Your Role: Strengths: Weaknesses: Discord? How can you improve as an individual player? How can you improve as a teammate? Timezone: General Availability: Otherwise feel free to send us a message in game: {{champion:99}} IGN: Sturdy Ghost Role: Mid {{champion:28}} IGN: LittleBlueOne Role: Jg {{champion:412}} IGN: ThreshS Role: Support Edit: After a bit of a delay from the numbers of applicants we have gotten caught up on the people who have applied and have scheduled most if not all in or are attempting to do so now. As such we are accepting full applications again with the guarantee that you will get a tryout.
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