LF Duo Partner

Sorry for long read Alright, im going to kick this off by telling you right off the bat that im stuck in silver. Im in a rut and so i have come running to get a partner. now your thinking something like "this dumb %%%%%% just wants someone to carry him out of silver". i firmly believe the ranking system to be accurate, if ur in bronze you deserve it, and if ur in plat you worked hard for it and deserve it. that being said even if you carry me out i will fall back because of the lack of skill gained. im more so looking for some one willing to keep an eye on me while we play and tell me what i screw up so that i can improve faster than just grinding games. Here comes the tricky part, im looking for someone thats at least gold and preferably a supp. i request this because, again, i belive in the ranked system, if ur bronze you probs cant help me alot, if ur silver than we have about the same skill, and if ur gold u performing better, and can potentially show me what im doing wrong, i say supp because most supports play adc as well, and u already have to watch me, but if u play top or something and think u can help me than i welcome you. "why help this kid, what does he offer"- well i consider myeslf to be a really positive player, i can usually keep most teams from arguing and keep them in a generally good mood, i consider myself a cool guy but i guess you need to be the judge of that. As for game play i like to think i play a good adc, i can play other roles but not to a standard i'm happy with. I prefer that we can voice chat, i got curse, google hangouts, steam. im sorry but skype dosnt work, it wont recognize my headset. i play almost every night after 8pm EST, i work alot and got school If you are bronze please don't add me, i already tried a few people for the hell of it and regretted it so now im just saying outright no bronze players (i should be on till around 3 today, after that i got to go to work and should be back around 8, i will remove this when i get back) If interested add me in game or just post here, thanks for reading =) IGN:llllfallenllll

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