Serious New Gold Flex Team Recruiting Now For Compete League And More!

****Hi, i am the leader of the new team am building from the ground up. Its pretty simple, i am tired of playing solo q and play with flex team that arnt consistent or separates after few days. I've decided to create my own solid flex team that will practice daily. Am looking for the best Gold-Plat flex members to reach higher levels that anyone expected, but must be atleast plat in solo q. So please if you consider yourself talented and unique. Lets make something beautiful. Answer the questions below and add me up after so i dont need to ask many questions. Also, am looking for players that knows how to communicate well and give good information during the game. I exepect (every role) to talk and be active in the discord channel. Thank you all. IGN: Flex Rank: Solo q Rank: Main Roles: Champ pool: Shotcalling scale (10 high - 1 Low): Extra notes:****

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