Seeking Hightly Dedicated People for serious ranked 5's team

Seeking Highly dedicated People for Serious ranked 5's team This is going to be a long process as I don't want to just pick up the first people that apply. I will be looking for certain skills, and qualities which I will talk about shortly. First I want people that can play at least 4-5 times a week for a few hours. I would even like 7 but that in really unlikely. I want to be a quality team that thrives for improvement and perfect play. Just because perfect is impossible doesn't mean you don't strive to play your best and perfectly. 1. First thing is dedication to improvement.You need to care more about improving as not only a player but a team, take criticism well( this one is huge a lot of people will listen but pretty much right it off. Or do this yeah i got caught but its okay i messed up but its okay insert excuse. I want people that take responsibility for actions and actively try to remedy the issue. 2. I want vocal people, This is a TEAM GAME. The only way to play at a high level is effective communication. If there is silence during matchs we are failing to work together. 3. Teamwork. You have to be willing to play for the team. If that means giving up winning lane to itemize for the team. or not pushing every advantage in lane for the chance you could get far behind when we crushing other lanes already. I'm sure they are plenty of examples but you get my point. 4. Prefer 17+ I'm looking to make the try out process quite long so it will be awhile before I get a set roster. Some people may get 1-2 games while others get 10+. Mechanics do matter but so do other things. Attitude, teamwork, knowledge, shot-calling, If this sounds like something you may be interested in feel free to reply or message me in game. It might take awhile to get to everyone if i get the responses I'm hoping to get. PS I"m in PST so i would prefer that cause i play after 10:30am PST. Please reply with IGN: RANK: AGE: ROLE: STRENGTHS: WEAKNESSES: ShotCaller: Y/N Why you might be good fit. TIMEZONE. WHen can play.
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