Stack Your Team - 5vs5 Premade Summoners Rift Weekend Tournaments - Starting @ 7:30 EST

> [** Community Website Registration **]( > [** Required Riot Website Registration **]( ---------- > [** After you register join our Teamspeak and Check In. **]( > [** Connect To: or **]( This is a Premade 5vs5 Team Tournament. Level 30 with a working headset and mic are required. Everyone must join our TeamSpeak server and register to qualify for prizing. The Top 8 teams will all receive prizing based on your placement. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} **If you win 1st place we will make your Team Channel Permanent. We will place a 1st Place Win Icon on the channel and a server group for you and your team. This icon will change as you win 1st place more often.** _TeamSpeak connection: _Compete for Riot Points and Loyalty Points._ **Stack Your Team is hosted Every night @ 7:30 PM EST**

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