Creating a Serious/Organized Plat (5's) Team

Hey, what's up guys, my name is Ishka. It's getting boring waiting 10 minutes to queue up and then getting into a game, and a lot of times I get a lot of tilted players and others that don't know how to play from behind, which is why I decided to start OUR own 5's team. The difference you may ask? I feel like dynamic queue does not make you better, I feel that it just gives you more feel into the competitive match ups. However, in a ranked 5's team, you go over, strategies, comps, w/ addition of having a coach, getting chemistry with the team, new friendships. Overall, it's just a way better experience. Now let's get to it. I am currently lookin' for a Top laner Jungler and a coach. This team will be played in tournaments, will have practices daily, analysis's after every game(what to improve on), we will agree on a voice comm, we will all agree on practice days, scrim days, and a team name. Do not add me if you are not serious about this, or do you not reach the requirements. We are here to make each other better and become as one unit. Requirements: Plat(V-I) Access to Voice communication 16+ In-meta champ pool I HOPE TO HAVE A TEAM TO REGISTER FOR THE RAZER TOURNEY AS WELL. IGN: Ishka
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