Competitive Gold Tournament Team Looking to Fill Roster.

We Are a newer team looking to refill our roster. Unfortunately we had to let players go for lack of effort and/or poor communication. Currently we are looking for a strong support that has an aggressive and assertive play-style in lane and can vocally communicate and really take control of the bottom lane. For mid we are looking for a laner that understands the lane match-ups and understands how/when to roam and apply pressure around the map. As for top we are looking for somebody that is comfortable in the lane and has the game sense and knowledge to understand what is happening around the map and make team oriented plays based on that knowledge. If any of these roles seem like you than please continue reading this post and apply! We will contact you as soon as possible with additional information regarding the team, and tryouts thank you! We play evenings and nights consistently 4 days a week and look to compete in various tournaments. We welcome players of any rank/elo to tryout with us, as long as you can prove you can handle higher rated players consistently, and can take practice serious from start to finish. Do NOT add me in game before posting, once you've posted here feel free to add me in game at: IamBattleField Current Roster: Top: TBA Jungle: Creeon Mid: TBA ADC: IamBattleField Support: TBA Must Haves: 1. A working microphone 2. A fluency in English 3. Curse Voice 4. Be 17+ years old 5. Availability evenings from 6pm+ EST most days 6. A sense of humor...although this is a competitive team that does not mean we don't know how to have a good time. What We Expect: - A confident player that understands and mains 1 role. - A consistent schedule (if your schedule varies from week to week, please consider this before applying) - Maturity and the ability to relax and take things serious when it comes time to play. - A willingness to learn, communicate, synergize. and grow as a team. - dedication! Application Form (copy and paste this into your post): -- Summoner Name: -- Current rank/elo: -- Age: -- times available: -- Role applying for: -- Top 5 champs in role: -- Playstyle: -- Past experience with teams: -- Why are you interested in us: How Tryouts Work For This Team: 1. There will be an interview process for all that apply and are added (this MUST happen before you are given a tryout). 2. As a full team we will play 1 game (normal draft) with everybody we accept from the above interview process. 3. We will choose our top 3 - 5 players (depending on amount of people trying out) and play another 2 games with each, and determine our top 2 players from this group. 4. We will play another 2 - 3 games with each of the top 2 players before making a final decision. 5. A very brief interview may occur before we finalize any decision or roster. (Expect tryouts to begin Saturday in the late afternoon EST) Please Note: I will keep you informed about tryout times, where you stand in the line, and how you are doing compared to the other players. Please do not ask unless something is unclear or does not make sense. Thank You! :)
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