S17 recruiting gold and up players

I am captain for s17 voltage and I am looking for players for every role except support. I am looking for players who want to learn and yes by learn i mean willing to lose games. If you are not willing to lose at least 3 games in a row without getting tilted then dont apply. This team will be practing regularly and will have a coach so if you just want to join a team because it you think its easier to play with, then dont because its harder then soloq. If you arent willing to sacrifice things for the team then dont even apply. Now if you made it through all of that and still think you would like to play on a team fill out this application and i will msg you to try you out. Positions open Top: Mid:Filled(sub position open) jungle: Adc:FIlled Sup: FIlled (sub available) APPLICATION: IGN: Age: Current Rank: Role you are applying for: Champ pool for desired role: Why do you want to be on a team?: What is your availability?: Timezone: What can you bring to my team?: * Do you have teamspeak/Discord? (this is what all of us use) :
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