AG Chrome Academy is looking for Gold 5 - Gold 1 Top and ADC

At the moment we currently play in no leagues But I plan on getting permissions to join either BSGL or The Vendetta League. Both leagues currently only allow Bronze - Gold 1 with plat only being an exception if you get plat V only after you've joined the league the [VL Has no limit]. Although the league goes Bronze through gold 1 this will be a gold only team or whatever it is you climb to after we join the league. Tryouts will be going over the span of a couple weeks so please apply I will be trying out as many as I can. Once you apply feel free to add me afterwards [do not add if you haven't applied I will just ignore.] IGN: Age: Rank: Role: Top Champions in Role [Up to 4]: Timezone: Availability: We plan on joining a league for sure after our Organization's in house tournament which is at the end of the month sometime [in house still undecided].
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