Octane Esports Recruiting! (Silver-Gold) || All Positions are open || 2018 team ||

Octane Esports is an amateur e-Sports team. Eventually we will be advancing into an actual organization once we get our feet off the ground with a team. Octane Esports is a team looking to be serious and in tournaments for upcoming season 8, but we are gladly to welcome anyone who comes. We are going to be holding tryouts once we schedule times for players once the application process begins. Going to be a slow start for the team as we need to get everything in order and in check before we start practicing. So please be patient while everything gets accumulated. Please read below for directions. WE ARE LOOKING FOR PLAYERS WHO ARE WILLING TO DEDICATE TIME TO BE APART OF A COMPETITIVE ATMOSPHERE AND ADVANCE THEIR GAMEPLAY IN A TEAM ENVIRONMENT. OE currently recruiting players for their Octane Esports team! OE is only recruiting players from the silver-gold elo range. That being from Silver 5- Gold . If you are interested in possibly trying out for Octane Esports team please fill out the OE Player Forum below. Octane Esports Player Application: Octane Esports Roster: Top Lane - Jungle - Mid Lane - Dootser AD Carry - OE Virus Support - Substitutions will be added once we have full roster. You may apply for a sub IGN: Rank: Age: Champion Pool: Discord Y/N?: Shotcaller Y/N?: Roster or Sub: Strengths: Weaknesses: Past Experience: May you have any questions, concerns, or simply would like to get in contact with us please PM OE Virus for details / admins would be gladly to help you PMS will be sent out for tryouts after posts are read. Thanks for posting and see you on the rift! ALSO ADD OE VIRUS ON THE CLIENT!
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