Undamaged Esports Looking for Top laner and analyst for tryouts 2/24 PLAT+

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
I am the Owner of Undamaged Esports, an upcoming Competitive eSports team looking to compete in most major titles. Im currently looking for a top laner for our League team. Preferably ones with good knowledge of the game. Im looking for top laners as well as analyst. Must have a flexible schedule for practice/Scrims, Once i feel comfortable that the team is good together i will start looking at joining tournaments and leagues. Must listen to coach and handle feedback without getting angry over it. We will be using Discord for communication. Everyone wanting to tryout will be invited to the club on league so i can keep up with everyone wanting to join. Still planning out tryout times just depends on how many people want to join. Looking to take this team to the top. I will work closely with everyone to ensure everything goes as planned. For any questions or concerns you can message me on league. Thank you for taking the time to read and apply. IGN: Rank: Role: Champion Pool: Strengths/Weakness: Reason for joining a competitive team: NOTE: WE ARE LOOKING TO PLAY IN PAID TOURNAMENTS ONCE AN ACTIVE PLAT+ ROSTER IS MADE. ALL EXPENSES WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF ME AND ALL PLAYERS WILL RECEIVE EQUAL PAY!
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