Dropshock Paragon II [LFM] - Need a support main

**General Enlistment Information** Looking for players at the gold through diamond level interested in competitive team play / ranked 5's. || Dropshock.net/enlist/ || Add me for more information about Dropshock Brigade Clan! If you're interested please add me in game and we can talk about how to get you on a ranked team with one of our team captains. We have Ranked 5s teams in Challenger - Silver, don't be shy! ___________________ **Dropshock Paragon II Team ** > **TRYOUTS APRIL 18TH 8PM CST, ADD ME IN GAME AND WE WILL PLAY A GAME WITH EACH OF THE TRYOUT PARTICIPANTS.** Our Dropshock Paragon II team is looking for a support main that can be apart of a successful competitive environment. You must be in a Platinum league at the very least. If you're interested please add me in game "Phife" and / post a comment below. ______________ _**Please fill out the below application:**_ Age - Occupation (time of day you work / go to school ) - How long you've played League of legends - Highest rank in solo queue (season)- Current rank in solo queue - Your Ranked 5s experience - Shot caller? - _______________ [**Join Today!**](http://www.dropshock.net/enlist/)
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