[LFP] New Amateur eSports Team [Divergent Gaming Red] Tryouts Gold-Plat [1/13-1/14]

Greetings, Divergent Gaming is proud to say that we are officially an amateur e-Sports organization! Divergent Gaming [DG] strongly believes that everyone should have a competitive experience to League of Legends. That being said DG is forming a team that will consist of all Platinum players! DG is currently looking for platinum players to being trying out for the team! DG would prefer if you were Platinum II - Platinum IV! DG knows that these ranges are pretty small and we will allow for any players Platinum I or Platinum V to tryout. If you were Diamond last season we still allow you to tryout, but if you were higher than Diamond IV, we are sadly to say but we can not let you tryout for this team. Divergent Gaming is currently in need of these positions: [1] Top Lane [2] Mid Lane [3] AD Carry [4] Support [5] Substitute DG currently has a jungle and we are not looking to tryout any jungle at this moment. With that in mind please do not fill out an application below as said before in no need for a support position. What DG expects from each role: [1] Top Lane: DG is currently looking for a Top Lane who is flexible in their champion pool and consistent . That being the range from a champion like Maokai to a champion like Irelia. Now that's asking a lot, but just playing the meta champions is all DG really are looking for. The Top Lane should be able to be consistent in farm and overall game play. They should not average a multitude of deaths and should at least go even or close to even each game. DG is not asking for a high mechanical player [unless we can get one] but someone to be a front line and an overall rock for the team that everyone can somewhat depend on for their play and not be inconsistent and overly aggressive. DG would prefer if the Top Laner is in the range of Platinum II- Platinum IV. [3] Mid Lane: DG is currently looking for a Mid Lane who has high mechanical game-play and consistent. DG would love for the Mid Lane to be flexible in their champion pool, but we know how Mid Lane players don't always have a variety of champions in their champion pool. The only requirement for champions to the the Mid Lane position is to play one-two control mages [that are meta]. The control mages includes: Orianna, Viktor, Lux, Ziggs, Xerath, Azir, Anivia. The Mid Lane as stated before must have good mechanics and is looking to always improve. DG does not want a Mid Lane who has a really high ego and always thinks they are the best. Of course it is always good to have a small ego to boost your morel and the team's morel and your overall ranking on the game, but not one that can't be controlled and hurtful for the team. Mid Lane is the second most important role and DG is looking for one who can really fill this team's spot. DG would prefer if the Mid Lane is in the range of Platinum I- Platinum II. [4] AD Carry: DG is currently looking for an AD Carry who has a respective amount of mechanics and is also consistent. DG is also looking for an AD Carry to have a flexible champion pool. That being the range from a champion like Lucian to a champion like Ezreal. Most AD Carry players normally play a wide variety of AD Carry champions, so DG supposes that shouldn't be an issue. The AD Carry should have good positioning or somewhat average for their perspective elo. With that in mind they average a small amount of deaths per game and have good CS scores. DG is looking for an AD Carry who is lastly consistent as said before. They should not be under preforming each and every game and have a few good games. DG would prefer if the AD Carry is in the range of Platinum II- Platinum IV. Regarding the tryouts DG is having three days of tryouts. These are the scheduled dates: Friday 13th, January 2017: 7:00pm-11:00pm [CST] Saturday 14th , January 2017: 7:00pm-9:30pm [CST] Note: Central Time Zone : TWO HOURS AHEAD of PST, ONE HOUR AHEAD of MST, ONE HOUR BEHIND EST. Each tryout that is added by one of our staff members and is told that they have a received a spot in trying out will tryout. In order to be given the chance to tryout you MUST fill out the application below with a reply to this forums post on the League of Legends Boards. The Application Applies: Summoner Name: Current Position: Season 6 Rank: Season 7 Rank: Top Three Champions: Top Strength: Worst Weakness: Past Experience: Communication: Have Discord Downloaded: Other Information: If you receive a friend request from snow aR or Baby Vayne we will like to add you to our discord server so we can get a brief interview with you and begin your tryout. If by any chance you add these two of our moderators you will be blocked and not given a chance to tryout. Thanks and Hope to See you on the Rift!
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