You're going to have a whale of a time at this server!

**Odyssey** **noun | Od•ys•sey | \ ˈä-də-sē\** _1 : A long wandering, eventful, and adventurous journey._ **What is Odyssey?** To put it short, Odyssey is a discord server. But not just any discord server! We're a server that is dedicated to those who game across North America. League of Legends is just one gaming community, out of a few, that we reach out too; hoping that **YOU** will join us. **There are so many other Servers, why pick Odyssey?** I cannot say that Odyssey is in any way better than other servers but I can say that because we're open to more than just League of Legends you might be able to find players who might also play Overwatch or Dauntless like you. **What does Odyssey have to offer?** Odyssey first off offers a friendly and fun environment, a lot of friendships have already blossomed in our server of 100+ people. We're still growing so I hope you try to understand that. We also offer: • Giveaways! (We currently have a giveaway going for 10$ Rp) • Events! We hope to soon host in-houses, hide-n-seek games, ultimate bravery and more. • Movie nights! Cuddle up on your bed, pop some popcorn relax and watch a movie that is voted on by **YOU!** • ... And More! **Basic information?** ○We currently have 200+ members ○Our age target is 16+ ○Staff positions now open! I really hope to see you guys join our new server! I'm looking forward more than anything to meeting new people and warmly welcoming you. ♥ ☻

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