Plat 5 Supp Looking for Competitive 5v5 Team

LoL Plays - Episode 2 [Thresh]
Episode two is here. Hope you enjoy! Episode one: ***** Songs used: Ludacris - Get back Ludacris - Move B*tch Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway - Wizard (Radio Edit) ***** Note: I lost quite a bit of footage after a LoL update which caused some software mismatch, so this one is a bit shorter.
Hello there, pros. I am a pretty damn good support looking to join a 5v5 team that is or aims to play on a competitive level. I have a lot of experience with MOBAs, about 10 years of LoL + Dota and above you can get a sample of my gamestyle (+ we gonna have awesome plays montages). I have Vent, TS, Curse, you name it. /w me in-game.
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