Gold+ 5s Team LFM

Recruiting semi-serious players for a 5s team. Semi-serious meaning players that are interested in playing competitively and improving - not looking for players just trying to farm up for a ward skin. We are building a roster of about 9 or 10 players, to ensure that practices will reliably happen, with the off chance of doing an in-house scrim. If all goes well, we may take the team into an amateur league next year. Requirements: Gold+ Rank - Either this season or previous seasons is fine. Discord - You dont have to necessarily speak, but its important that you are able to hear calls. Not a douche - Edgy and satirical humor is fine, but overtly racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs will get you booted. Same goes for unsolicited creepy behavior. If you are interested in trying out, fill out the following application, and we will reach out to you. The tryouts process will take a few games each, so dont rush yourself. Take your time to help us get to know you as a player. *IGN / Age:* *Timezone / Availability:* *Rank history:* *Primary / Secondary Role:* *Favorite Champs:* *Strengths:* *Weaknesses* *Do you watch the Pro scene or streamers? Why?* *What could you contribute to a team environment?* *Have you ever had a conflict with a peer, teammate, or coworker? If so, what happened?* *Are there any personality types that are hard for you to get along with?*
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