Harizin Twitch Mods

Hey guys! So I’ve been streaming for a few months now and I’ve decided that I love it enough to get serious about it, but to do that I need serious mods, not just friends. Right now I’m on the hunt for some people who play league or are on twitch enough that they could help monitor my stream while I play to help answer questions, monitor the stream for trolls, and to help promote my stream! Right now my streaming schedule is roughly 7pm-2am EST, but that can change soon if I find It’s easier to stream earlier. All you have to do is fill out this application to apply! on a daily stream I average about 5 viewers at once and on weekends I shoutcast so that number can go from anywhere from 10-30. I would really appreciate passing this post around so that enough people can see it so I can get at least a few applicants! Thank you!
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