Diamond Ranked 5's LF: Top and Jungle

Hello, I am Kenjiman, Mid Laner of Team inFate. We as a team are currently looking for a top and jungler. Below is information about some of the attributes I will be looking for in players, contact information, background and the tryout process. Background Information: The objective of this team will primarily be to compete against other teams in the league of legends community and help each other climb soloq. Team Member Tryout Process: Tryouts will be a first come, first serve system. However, I do have the power to prioritize players who I think will better fit the team. I will start off the tryout with some basic questions regarding background information of the applicant. Then, we will play some ranked 5's games with the starters. I will be recording games in order to have a better understatement of your play style and communication skills. I will try to play as many games, with as many players as possible so be patient with me and I apologize if I come off as blatant when dealing with you guys. Team Member Expectations: 1. Good Character 2. Accountable 3. Mature 4. Potential to grow as a player 5. Dedication and Involvement 6. Communication (inside and out of game.) 7. Solid mechanics and understatement of the game* *I take na.op.gg statistics into account as a accurate representation of the kind of player you are. Contact Information: Please leave your contact information down below and any information you would like to share. I will be contacting you guys asap. Also, if you have any questions feel free to ask through the forum post. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope we will be able to work together in the future.

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