LF Top, Mid, Supp, and some subs for ranked 5's

Alright im looking for a top, mid, supp, and some subs for a ranked 5's team. We play every day starting at 11 P.M. EST. "but dude thats late as hell" yea i know but everyone works at different times during the day so we play during the night because its when people are available. I also need a phone number so expect me to ask. "dude aint that a little weird" no, if you cant make it for some reason then i need to know, so you need a way to tell me you wont be on or i need a way to ask where your at. Also the people i pick up i want to be extroverts, talk when your in chat and such, i dont have anything against quiet people but its just not the group im trying to create. The theme of this team is something along the lines of "having fun is the first priority with winning as a very close second, but winning is a hell of alot of fun", were here to have fun and joke around and win. Also no bronzies, im sorry but bronze players just dont perform. like i said we play every day, i know people have stuff to do sometimes but i also expect it to be a high priority to make it to games. If you apply for the role you main im much more likely to pick you up. I would really appreciate if you post here instead of adding me. You also need to have curse and a working mic. If your a jack of all trades and you want to sub just add me. Below post your: Position Wanted: Champs you main: Rank: Season you started league: A Joke (dont you dare delete this):
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