Creating R5'sTeam Silver/Gold

**CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR AN ADC** **Requirement's to apply:** Age: 18+ Willing to improve. Hard to Tilt. Not Toxic. TeamSpeak downloaded/working microphone. Available to play Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday evenings. Maining your role. **Current Open positions:** (X means position is filled) [] ADC [X] Jungler [X] Mid [X] Top [X] Support [X] Coach/s. (This position is not necessary though any volunteer who would be interested in this is greatly welcomed) **Application: ** Age: Role: Champions for that role (leave blank for coaches): Reconfirm you can play Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday evenings: Reconfirm you have Teamspeak downloaded: **Side notes: ** This is my first time making a serious team with an actual schedule. I have no tolerance of cockiness or toxic people so you have been warned. Yes, I am a female, if you're going to perv up on me consider this a polite bugger off. I am Silver legitimately. You can be too. I know a lot of smurf players out there and that's okay. Just know this is meant to be a low ELO team. _Looking forward to getting to know you all and playing together._
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