Starting a Ranked 5's Team Semi Serious looking to get better More about it in the DSC.

Hey guys this ranked team will be semi serious with scrims practice times coaching ect we are looking for member who will be on consist and just want to have fun and win games, Support is filled but if you want to be a sub you can sure try out maybe even starting position all other roles are open. Please do not add me in game leave a Application in here and we will get back to you ASAP. please fill this out WE ARE LOOKING TO BECOME SERIOUS WE WILL ENTER TOURNAMENTS WHEN EVERYTHING GETS SETTLED! WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR ROLES SO PLEASE COME TRYOUT THIS WEEKEND IG: Rank: Role: Top 5: What do you need to work on? Mic: Secondary Role: can you play your secondary if needed? Experience on a 5's team? are you okay joining a new team? can you make it through the building process as we get everything figured out? Are you willing to bond with a team? GUYS WE WILL HAVE OPEN TRYOUT AT 9 PM EST 10-20-16! Join our discord around that time if you're interested
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