Divine Judgement Esports - LF Midlaner

Hello fellow summoners! My name is Soprodium, my Vice-Captain xStormsong and i are looking to tryout a midlaner for our team. I say tryout because we're looking for someone serious for this team. Our motto is: "kick some ass, and make some laughs". Basically it means we're here to win gamea and grow as a team, but also to have fun playing the game we love. If you're interested please fill out the following: IGN: (What's your summoner name?) Rank: (What is your current Rank?) Avalibility: (what times are you avalible and what timezone?) Age: (How old are you?) Champions: (What are your top 3-5 champions?) Play Style: (Just give us a brief description of how you tend to play.) We will be starting tryouts later tonight, around 8-9PM (PST). Please fill out the form and if you have any questions feel free to add me or my Vice-Captain in game "Soprodium", "xStormsong" Thank you, and good luck on the rift! ~Soprodium
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