Making a SERIOUS and DEDICATED Team (Strictly Gold)

**NOTE: YOU MUST BE GOLD, IF NOT, THEN I'M SORRY** I'm looking for serious and dedicated players to start this team. I've been with a lot of teams and it sucks because its so inconsistent. My goal is for us to improve and synergize. I'd also like for us to climb (ranked) together. I'll be scheduling practices and try outs **very strictly**, so if you can't make it, then I am sorry. Being on time for practice and games is very important for the team. I don't want any player to slack off. Like I said, this is a** SERIOUS team.** And I want **SERIOUS AND DEDICATED PLAYERS.** Currently I'm in search for **TOP, JUNGLE, and MID** I'd also like if one of these roles will take on shotcalling for rotations or making plays, but I want everyone in the team to talk. Everyone should give out information and talk. So if you are interested, please fill out this form **(RECOMMENDED) ** **IGN: Rank: Role: Timezone: Champions: Why should we choose you: What will you bring in for the team? Strengths: Weaknesses: Are you a tilter(Y/N): Do you take criticisms constructively(Y/N):** **PS: Do not add me, wait for me to add you. ** Hope to play with you. Good luck.
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