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Hi there! Welcome, I am currently a Silver III player, who had little success finding a team to stay consistent and playing together. So in venture I am taking my own attempt at trying to get a group together, I will be playing Top or Jungle dependent on which I find that is better if I find a better Top then I will Jungle and Vice Versa. Top Champion Pool. {{champion:57}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:98}} Strong laning phase and vision, sloppy pressure appliance but am working on it. Jungle Champion Pool. {{champion:59}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:19}} Certain champions I am confident in applying all game pressure and Vision control others I'm farm reliant and attempt a Solo campaign. Also something I am working heavily on. I will be hosting a dedicated Teamspeak server, until then I will probably be using Curse so not everyone has free will to the TS server. So as before looking for a roster. Top : (Me possibly) However open to apply Jungle : (Me Possibly) However open to apply Mid : Open (looking for people who ward heavily roam smoothly not some solocarry junky.) ADC : Open (looking for Strong Lane phase and decent positioning placement.) Support : Open (looking for a more peel strength Vision control / or a good roam but also can be a shotcaller.) IGN : Role : Champion Pool : Strengths : Weaknesses : Favorite Champions in General (I ask this cause it defines the type of way that you play). As obviously seen I do not care about rank except ego maniacs will be ignored. After posting add me in game and tell me you posted, I will look through. Thanks friends.
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