18+ Tournament Team, Serious players only. LF GOLD 3+ TOP AND JUNGLE!

need seasoned players that are looking to play in some tournaments for that sweet,sweet RP CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR; 2016-11-13 TOP AND JUNGLE ( Still feel free to post your app for another role and I might get back to you ) -Need discord/etc. -Tournament experience is nice. -Be able to attend a 5-6 pm to 9-10 pm mountain time practice schedule few days or more a week,subject to change upon a full team being set in stone, with everyone's approval. . ( google ''what time is it mountain time'', calculate the difference to your time zone and see if that works out for you) -You need to make tournament game day times few hours before the games for sure. -Know your role. -Dont be wishy washy,main your role in 95% of your games, with some exceptions. -No one trick players, I might ask you to play certain champs. -Provide helpful advice to the team, maybe you know an op bush strat we don't. -When a teammate is on you should be either playing normals or ranked together. -If I sense any animosity between teammates the person being the aggressor will be replaced, this does not mean you can't voice your opinion. -Games will be won and lost until we get into the groove of things so be able to take that loss like a man,try not to make the same mistakes again. I am building this team to last so please don't waste my time, serious applicants only. Looking for solid JUNGLE/TOP players that can adapt Post; Rank: Role: Champs you play with total confidence(all roles,main first): Theory craft a team composition for me: Can you make the practice times: Best quality as a player: Are you familiar with google docs: Microphone: Tournament experience, which tournament?: Do you prefer shot calling? I will add you after I see your post. Tryouts tonight.
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