Seems broken on champ pool

Ok so im fine with TFT simply having broken team comps. A constant changing meta of champs. I get it right now its lucians or veigar comps. But i was building knights, i got 4 tier 2 off the bat. And i rerolled a bunch at level 7 to try and get poppy and sej to level 2. Couldnt find them. So i started looking at all the other teams, guess what not one single person of the remaining 6 players had a sejuani. People have 3 star champs, 2 people had 2 star veigars. Riot said we are pulling from the same champ pool, im calling BS because for 2-3 straight games ive ran non meta comps to try and get my champs higher stars earlier and the game wont even let me do that. Meanwhile somebody always seems to find a 3 star veigar with spear, guinsoo and a serephs. The champ pool needs to be fixed IMO
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