Is it just me or are Swain and Kayle the rarest of the 5 cost units?

I've played almost 300 TFT ranked games, by this point, and I've come to notice something weird. In all the games I've played, I've seen that {{champion:10}} and {{champion:50}} show up the least in the shop rotations, even when rerolling at lvl 8 or lvl 9, compared to the other 5 cost units. The most frequent 5 cost units I've seen are {{champion:34}} and {{champion:157}}. They seem to pop up in the shop rotation a lot more than Swain and Kayle, with {{champion:21}} and {{champion:30}} being somewhat present, but not as often as Anivia and Yasuo! However, I've also noticed that the opposite happens for the carrousel rounds. It seems, to me, that Swain and Kayle are the most frequent 5 cost units that show up in the carrousel rounds, mid to late game. By contrast, in my experience, the least frequent unit in the carrousel is Karthus and MF. I know that this is my own experience with the game and other people might have noticed otherwise. But I'm pretty curious to know how often you guys see the 5 cost units in the shop and in the carrousel. Which ones are the most frequent and which ones are the least frequent, in your own games?
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