TFT requires no skill to win, prove me wrong.

Cool, you learned how to ECO and know how to position champions. These are pretty common sense things. But when I keep losing to someone who has 4 tier 3 champions (Yes, I'm aware that they high rolled), and I do the **EXACT** same thing (which is trying to high roll), it's completely random if I get my shit or not. It's also completely random if someone gets 4 items in the first 3 minion waves at the start of the game. I'm lucky to even get one item. _**More often then not, all of my items are literally selling champions I get from the carousel.**_ --- This game mode literally consists on "Hey I got 4 items at the start of the game with 3 tier 2 champions before the next creep round, looks like I won". Sure, this isn't entirely true, but the early game to mid is the part of the game which is hardest to transition from, you either got what you need from _**luck**_, or you just straight up lose. I'm lucky to get 2 tier 3 champions by the top 4 of the game, yes I know how to ECON and yes I know how to high-roll, the game is just way too random. I really don't understand how Riot plans to make this game into a ranked environment when shit like this exists: * You're not guaranteed an item drop from creep waves. * You're not guaranteed getting a champion you need. * Transitioning from early to mid is damn near impossible if you don't get offered what you need without ruining your econ. * Even if you do get items, some of them are completely useless. {{item:3131}} {{item:3137}} **(some of them aren't listen in the item son here)** * If you do happen to get good items, they're not guaranteed to work well with the comp you have. * Etc. --- It all boils down to this: Either you're luckier than everyone else you're playing against, or you're just going to lose. Sure, you can master the craft of ECON and position well, but in the long run, if you don't have the items you need, can't manage to get your T2-T3 champions, nor get the champions you need for your class bonus, you just straight up lose. That is why I believe that this game mode requires absolutely 0 fucking skill to win. If you can prove me wrong, please I'm all ears. I love being proved wrong.
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