How do you feel about the Tier Lists/Item Builds.Is Full Sorcerer Locket Stacking good for the game?

How does everyone feel about the current tier lists and item spam in the game? Is the massive shield stack from the sorcerer bonus is meant to stack with lockets? Also are there any plans to remove item stacking? With the current system 70% of the items are obsolete due to double stacking Spear of Shojin, Guinsoo's Rage Blade, or in the rare case lockets. With how few items we get during a match it makes the game feel stale and repetitive when you can't make interesting compositions from the hand your dealt. There seems to be a lot of dead items. For instance unless you are running Draven w/ Bloodthirtster, a cloak would only be useful to make a Dragon's Claw, a belt is only useful for Titanic Hydra if you're running shapeshifters, or a Morellos. Essentially the extreme gap between the top tier items and the rest result in a overall a lack of creative options and makes your units adjust to your items rather than a balance between the two. I'm not saying the game is too hard, if anything I'm saying the path has been laid out far too clearly as what is the best and after playing 10+ games a day, it's the same teams in top 4. My question is whether at some point we will expand the pool of viable builds before things get stale and repetitive.
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