Unusual hypercarry

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So many players are giving mah boy {{champion:96}} the cold shoulder, thinking he's just a useless 1 cost unit, only good for early synergies till he gets replaced by a more powerful unit. So I made it my mission to prove everyone wrong by making him the carry of my team. And OH BOY! He smacked the living shit out of every comp that is considered OP. To give you some context, here are some of the comps that other players were playing in my game, just so that you know I was not facing weak comps or anything stupid. I just hope I recall the details correctly: * 6+ Light comp with {{champion:67}} and {{champion:83}} carry (full items) * 6 Berserkers with {{champion:2}} carry (duh!) * 3 Inferno + 3 Summoners comps + 3 Assassins with {{champion:203}} + {{champion:90}} carrying (full build) * 3 assassins + Tank heavy frontline with {{champion:238}} + {{champion:246}} + {{champion:56}} carrying (all full builds) * 4 Blademasters + 3 Light + Tanky frontline with {{champion:15}} **3 star** carry (full build) + {{champion:268}} for desert buff. You can see my unit's items in the screenshot, ofc. The start of the game was a bit rough, not gonna lie. I didn't have a 2 star {{champion:36}} or {{champion:72}} and I only had 1 copy of {{champion:29}} for a while. I had a 2 star {{champion:96}} at 1-2 and another 3 copies before I got to Krugs. I hyperrolled to get my 3 star Kog early but I still was 1 copy short. I was behind 2 levels at some point because I tried to at least get my frontliners to 2 star, but in vain. But by the time I got {{champion:421}} and {{champion:56}}, my comp stabilized a little bit. **Predator** buff is really good early to mid game. And by the time I got my 2 star {{champion:29}} and 3 star {{champion:96}}, I was dominating everyone! Oh, and did I mention I 3 starred {{champion:72}} with no items?! Because why not, I guess, since no one is picking him up lul. I got {{champion:22}} for **Crystal** buff, so now the scorpion is unkillable. And once I got **Hush** and **Sword Breaker** from the last carousel and Dragon, the game was over! And btw, {{champion:96}} was dealing 8k+ damage every fight, by the end game! With the 2nd dps being {{champion:29}} with ~4k damage. I don't know! I felt so happy winning with this comp, against some of the most powerful comps out there (atm) and felt like sharing my experience here. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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