another problem with TFT

Ok, so many people complain about the RNG in TFT, but I personaly have a way bigger problem with the way you pick your first champion: the time is to short! Or maybe it is long enough, but my avatar moves way to slow... It happened more than once, that another player was a bit faster than me and got the champion that I intended to pick first. No problem. But then my second choice was a bit further away from the position of the first choice and now I dont have enough time to run towards the position of that second champion, while dodging those that I dont intent to pick. And because I dont reach my choice fast enough I get some random champ that I didnt want to have. Feels pretty bad. Also: accidently touching a champ that I dont want to have and then being stuck with it. Please give me the option to change my "choice"! D:

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