Thoughts on Competitive TFT

I just wanna offer some thoughts and see what you guys have to think. I've been playing a decent amount of ranked tft and this is what I've observed -From Iron 5 to Gold, the level of play has not improved at all, which makes me think the game has a VERY low skill ceiling in its current state. I'll see what happens as I continue to climb. -There are VERY few viable strategies. Gunslingers/Pirates is by far the most consistent strategy in the game and to me there is not a close second. Assassins/Ninjas are very good but you often are incredibly reliant on finding a 2-star Akali before you die. -The current system of bottom 4/top 4 is wrong for competitive play. I'm not exactly sure how to fix this at all, but I don't feel like it properly rewards high level play. My only idea to fix this is buffing the early game of good late game strategies (or even better, buffing the late game of good early game strategies). This encourages playing to win rather than playing to get top 4. -Pirates need to always give gold after passive income. There's no reason to add home/away RNG. -For those of you who only play league and aren't used to strategy games like this, we all need to remember that the game does not need to be balanced, it needs to reward good play. Making bad things better and good things worse does not always achieve this. -Riot NEEDS to make a better AI before this game is competitively viable. Aside from intentional RNG, you should theoretically be able to predict the outcome of a fight before it happens. There shouldn't be unintentional variance at all. Imagine if a 5/5 hearthstone card accidentally hit face for 6 damage. -The what I like to call "phantom games", where you can beat someone but they take no damage, need to be addressed. I think the matchup system when there is an odd number of players should be looked at overall. There must be something more fair than an all risk no reward fight. (this isn't a huge deal, but should probably be looked at) -There needs to be more counterplay options against ranged auto-attack based champions. You can say there are, but there aren't. My issue isn't that ranged champions are too good, it's that there's no way to effectively tech against them. -I have no proof of this, but it feels like instead of true RNG, seeds are created at the start of the fight, causing duplicates of certain "random" occurrences. My short term concern is that there are so many technical aspects wrong with the game right now that competitive play is completely meaningless. My major long term concern is that the game itself is destined to have a very low skill ceiling, will be solved easily, and has no hope for competitive play regardless Feel free to discuss/share your thoughts
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