I Need Item Details and Explinations

Can someone keep this simple, and don't answer if you don't know. Please. I Will continually Edit out Questions that have been answered. 1. What % is the "cursed blade" "Low chance to shrink"? 2. Ionic Spark, does this apply to all enemy champions who cast a spell period, or just spells used Against the item Wearer?? 3. Hush, What is the chance of this silence % just says 'high chance'? 4. Sword Breaker, What does this actually do? The "chance to disarm"? meaning like remove an item or remove that champions weapon making them useless or what? 5. Red Buff item says attacks deal 2.5% Burn Damage. Is the 2.5% based of My max hp or enemy max hp or what? 6. Items like Bloodthirstier says 'heal 50% of damage dealt" does this apply like sum rift only to AD? also only applied to AA or abilites(some abilities do AD such as Lucian half and half) EDIT: Received some good answers. Can Anyone confirm if Gunblade works with Vayne's ability(since its True Damage) I love using Vayne and I personally dont think it works.
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