Will the rng be reduced ?

Hi, i love playing tft, but i feel like every game is just a sort of rng joke where i flip a coin and maybe i'm gonna have something playable or not. Don't get me wrong i know the mechanics, and i tried everything, building a team around the items i get, the champs i get. Sometimes it can work 3/4 games in a row if i'm lucky and sometimes all i do is losing every round until i have 0 HP. Riot can't put something like ban ? where u ban a family of champions u're sure u will not play to reduce rng ? Or select some family of champ in the early game so u reduce the pool of champions ? Because there's no fun in losing all your golds trying to get a champ and ending with no gold and no champ. I legit wasted 50g rerolling for a blitz (i was the only one playing blitz). Maybe something where the player can buy a specific champ but at a more expensive price. I know the game is still in the alpha, but right now it feel more like a rng joke instead of a real game.
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