RNG is being addressed, that is good.

Now we need to address bullshit combinations. Dragon Fang provides WAY too much defensive power, and combining it with Phantom Dancer basically makes it so that champion with both will take an excruciatingly long time to kill. Now couple that with the fact that if they put that champion front and center, the AI has a tendency to just focus the shit out of it, letting the other team just wail on your team while the Phantom Dancer Dragonfang champ just sits there and takes a ton of additional damage he shouldn't be able to tank. My solution would be to remove Phantom Dancer's "Dodge all crits" ability, and replace it with "Reduce damage from all crits by X" amount. There are only 2 ways to viably deal enough damage to kill a unit in this game, and those two items together basically remove them as options and replace them with "God I hope the AI doesn't all focus that one unit at the star- oh they fucking did. G fucking G I guess..."
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