A few TFT synergy teams I threw together while I was bored

#Please note, I'm using op.gg's TFT page. These are simply what has been datamined and may not be indicative of the final piece synergy. https://puu.sh/DGCeD/4702249349.png Tanky frontline Elemental summons Bonus AP Magic immunity on some of your frontline Yordle evasion Glacial stun on-hit https://puu.sh/DGCc0/e0cdcf1f84.png This is basically Goblins+Knights from DoTA 2. Nobles give bonus defensive stats Yordle evasion Your backline Gunslinger carries have synergy Your frontline Knights can block damage Your guardians are giving extra armour in an AoE You have Blitz https://puu.sh/DGCqg/6f92fd0839.png This build is 100% about buffing Draven. Imperial has % chance to do double damage Blademasters have % chance to hit twice Draven's passive is adding bonus damage and attack speed as he autos Attack speed bonus from Wild Somewhat of a frontline in Shapeshifters, Shen, and Darius https://puu.sh/DGCxP/395a5a3917.png Strong assassin line-up Great brawler + Glacial synergy for a beefy front line Attack speed buff for your assassins/Wild Armor reduction from Void for your assassins Extra bodies from Elementalist https://puu.sh/DGCyb/7000340ad7.png Full assassin synergy Draven for Imperial synergy with Katarina Brawler synergy for front line Void synergy for armor reduction for assassins and Draven Wild synergy for attack speed Draven (Feel free to swap out Kassadin for Cho'Gath for stronger frontline) https://puu.sh/DGCvp/85b90c6460.png Phantoms reduce random enemy to 100 hp. Nobles for free defensive stats Knights for tanky front line that blocks damage Rangers get bonus attack speed (Vayne W) Guardians help keep Knights alive with their bonus armour Yordle evasion is always really nice, especially since Kennen is a Ninja Glacial autos stunning is honestly just a bonus from Knight+Guardian synergy. Lulu ult will help keep tanks tanky or Vayne Vayne-y
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