Nurf summoners/make them unable to be mages

The amount of skill it takes to buy 3-6 summoners is absolutely 0. The idea that this is a strategy game is silly when you can build a comp that requires 0 positioning or actual strategy. By loading the board with numerous summons that physically overwhelms every come regardless of the items or not really a strategy. Just played a round where I managed to hit 9 light with 4 gold units including a stacked vayne/aatrox/nausas....2 players both with 6 summoners absolutely demolished me. the fact that i can get 9 units of a single class and be completely destroyed is mind boggling and makes the effort and strategy i put into building those units a complete waste of time. So why bother having it in the game if the easiest and least strategic composition can overwhelm one of the hardest comps to complete.
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