Ruining TFT

With each patch you ruin this game more and more. It is far more buggy than it was b4 ranked launched and you keep making it worse and worse. STOP anything you are doing to "add" to the game and actually fix issues. #1 Items are still not working as listed or intended. #2 players are still ending up matching vs. 1 person more often than indented. #3 You ruin one comp and over buff another leading to an endless cycle of cheese games, it was more balanced pre-ranked (even if it was flawed). The patch notes are a joke cause the minor buffs/nerfs don't do anything to fix the actual issues. I honestly don't care for excuses just stop any "new" production, stop squeezing money on new pet avatars stop wasting resources and actually fix the core of the game first or take down ranked.
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