I really wish Riot could just stop producing cancer for ONCE, why leave Glacial AND make it better?

{{champion:22}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3124}} was cancerous enough {{champion:2}} is disgusting beyond reason because he not only has free built in AOE THAT PROCS ON-HIT EFFECTS, but he also gets bonus attack speed AND CC immunity AND sustain. And this shit is all without fucking items, toss a single {{item:3124}} and he becomes even more stupid to deal with while STILL having 2 more item slots if you even need them. Honestly how can you be this bad at designing "mechanics" and allow such a blatantly stupid thing like this to be added, it's baffling. Do you think this shit is fun Riot? Watching some braindead mollusk flail wildly getting faster and faster while all of your units just sit there permanently frozen in a block of ice just waiting for death with 0 counterplay?
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