Could the meta become more than "excessive rolling or loose" - pretty pls!

I genuinely hate this strategy because it favors RNG win more than any other feature of the game. As disclaimer if you dont know what I'm talking about: You can put every single gold you get early to race to as many 3-Stars as possible as fast as possible. Going on win streak because of it and snowball to a very early victory since the DMG said 3-Stars can inflict on scaling comps is beyond crazy (25% and more). IMO this "strategy" - if you wanna call it one - crowds out pretty much everything else. So many poeple are doing it, neglecting core elements of the game and still doing well. Sore Item choices and bad to nonexistance compositions do not matter since multiple 3-Stars can simply Stat-Check you to death. When you see someone win the round with a total of Noble3, Blademaster3 and no other synergy in a 7-man-team wins the game VS two other fully stacked 8 and 9 man comps it's a good indication that something is not going as it should be. I don't hate that the strategy is doing well - I hate the fact that I'm forced to do the same - not only to win, but also to survive in comps the need their time! But what's more important is RNG involved in the startegy makes me hate it. Even with reroll spam, you have no guarantee getting you 3-Stars OR getting the much needed Win-Streak. In games with multiple people doing it this gets even more obvious due to the limited champion pool. For every guy once again winning with this riddiculous comps there are 2-3 total failures that get one Level 3 and nothing else. (BTW Them loosing (and quitting which is another problem) fast resulting in more fights with the lucky dude also makes playing against this worse). Doing this is 100% relying on RNG. High risk, High reward might sound interesting for some people, but this strategy is straight up gambling at this point and anything but interesting to play against. It's not fun winning against the failures. It's not fun loosing to the lucky one. And no neither do I hate 3-Stars in generall they are fine and should be your goal to maximize your comp nor di I jsut loose to one. I fact I just one against this exact matchup I described. A few total failiures not worth watching to fight, one guy with SIX 3-Stars! (I won because itemized Kayle is OP). Would I have choosen to scale I would have been eliminated far earlier. But by jumping on the damn train and rushing for 3 early 3-Stars as well I was A) able to fight back, and B) able to interrrupt his winstreak from time to time. It was an interesting round - but not really fun to play. OK there you have my few cent - feel free to share your oppinions. Would you nerf it. And if you'd do that. HOW? Since I dont really know an effective way. - Increasing the chance for 3-stars? Giving you access to enough to fight back without ven trying? - Decresaing the chance? But this would make T1 Champs alomost entirely useless. - Decrease the HP-DMG to give you more time scaling against them? Would hardcore favor T4/5 to a dagerous point. ------------------------------------------------------- Closing - since I never said this yet. I really enjoy the game overall, Riot you've created a really fun experience, bringing back some strategy I tend to miss in LOL during the last years and I hope you will give this game the support it deserves.
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