Why Pyke should be a T3 (Blue) champion in TFT. - Suggestion - hope - dream

First let me say that I like TFT -- for the most part.. save {{champion:555}} **First, **{{champion:555}} 's mana builds faster then most T2 units (save {{champion:53}} ) who starts fully charged. **Second **- of the T2 champs - {{champion:555}} and {{champion:127}} are the only champions capable of a full team stun - and {{champion:127}} ulti takes a bit to build up , and she is a "open" target the entire time and only has 450 hp at Bronze level - - while {{champion:555}} - gets the added advantage of starting out stealthed- which means rarely if ever is he targeted till after his first ulti , which is normally half to your full team. As well starts with 600hp at Bronze level - **Third** - for a 6 gold investment you have a ulti that will __literately __save most of your matches for you and finally I do hear that above gold I, you dont see him that much - which is great, but I would guess the bulk of average players are silver 2 - Gold I no? They need to hit this guy with the nerf bat in the head, hard.. or at least bring him up to T3-4 - his Tier match his utility . when you look at the Blue, or Tier 3 champions -- {{champion:22}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:107}} 7 out of 12 of them have AoE attacks - 3 have pretty good "executes" {{champion:22}} - can have a very long stuff and {{champion:78}} -- uh .. is a yordle? has a popup? -- is poppy? Meanwhile when you look at the T2 champions - or green champions - only 4 really stand out. {{champion:555}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:98}} - this is not to say that the rest are trash, but these seem to be the closet to {{champion:555}} 's level of evil. {{champion:98}} - cancels basic attacks in a large Area {{champion:110}} - Ulti ends up doing some pretty massive damage {{champion:117}} - could be considered the root of all evil as her ulti can cause major upsets as well - But none of these - stun a entire team for 2 seconds at level 1 - and 2.5 at level 2 - that is a LONG period of time for a Green or Tier 2 champion. If {{champion:555}} was removed from Green (T2) and put to Blue (T3) - maybe exchanged for {{champion:78}} It would make more sense - -multiple T3 (Blue) champions have AoE stuns - As well {{champion:78}} Has Knight - which in general is not the greatest Trait - Yordle can cause issues, but most might rather have a 25% chance to miss - then have there entire team stunned for 2 seconds It just seems that Poppy should not be a Blue (tier 3) and Pyke should not be a Green (T2) champion.. Make Sense? Am I wrong? -- (Hp totals via rankedboost TFT teambuilder)

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