Future Classes for TFT? *Ideas

Hey! I've been enjoying TFT alot and wanted to theory craft some future class sets! I have 26 1st place wins under my belt,... not sure if that's a lot or not but i feel proud about it :) any... i have two ideas for future sets. Fire maybe call it Pyro : Ability can either burn units and if having 4 of the 5 units they can lower the freeze effect versus glacial for your whole team. {{champion:1}} (Fire and Sorcerer) {{champion:63}} (Add Fire attribute) {{champion:77}} (Fire and Brawler) {{champion:516}} (Fire and Elemental) {{champion:115}} (Fire and Yodle???) 2nd future set it. Cosmic: Having 2 Cosmic units slows enemy champ movement by 20% having 5 Cosmic units slow enemy champs movement by 50% and your full team get additional attack range. Champs could possible be: {{champion:432}} (Cosmic and ????) {{champion:131}} (Cosmic, Blademaster and Knight) {{champion:142}} (Cosmic and ????){{champion:16}} (Cosmic and Sorcerer) {{champion:136}} (Add Cosmic) I'm don't know the lore for the game fully, so if you have any ideas or changes for the buff they get just leave a comment! What do you guys hope to see that they add in the future!?
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