I'm being punished for gaining LP and being high rank.

I have been climbing nonstop since TFT came out. I'm currently Gold 1 with 75 LP. Last game I LOST 4 LP FOR GETTING 4th PLACE The game before that I gained 8 LP for 3rd place. Is this a joke? I get 15 LP for GETTING 1st PLACE IN GAMES WTF Why is riot ranking me with silver 4s and bronzes and giving me 0 LP when I am queuing solo queue ranked?????????? If you don't have golds to pair me with, pair me with plats, I haven't seen a single plat in any of my games and I ask around. Don't make my climb impossible, make a better system. No one should have to be getting 15+ "wins" and 0 losses to go up one division. It's wasting my time. Plus on the games that the RNG screws me over, I lose MAJOR LP, like 40 LP for one loss. Edit: Well I played 2 games with Plats today, I took 3rd and that promoted me, then my first game in plat I took first and it gave me 58 LP for the first place. Seems like the MMR of my opponents varies game to game. But at least it's working enough to climb. I'm happy.
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