Demons 100% unusable

How can you go from one patch where everyone takes demons then the next they are 100% always 8th place finish? The answer is you are busy focusing only on hextech which has been the most busted janky thing anyone has ever seen on PBE. Please focus on the game with 100% of your resources instead of releasing new stuff to rebreak the game over and over. Take the time, no one is getting bored of TFT no one needs new champs omfg plz stop. Once you get a solid game state where maybe individual champs are not viable but every 6man of anything should feel very strong. I have hundreds of suggestions but this is not the format of this post, it is a cry, a plea for you to slow the F down and focus on the beautiful game you have instead of jamming more things to go wrong. Its ok if you don't release any new champs into TFT till after worlds time and I suggest you def D O N ' T release champs in big dumps. Also you nerfed DEMONS(the comp) for morgana and aatrox being too strong in other comps on top of nerfing them individually, think on that for a moment?
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