So why does TFT still have ranked even though its nothing but pure rng?

I have 0 idea if this has been asked before (yes I searched the forums and found nothing) But to me it is a legit question I don't understand why Riot lets this game mode have ranked when it has nothing to do with skill it is just Pure RNG 1) There is never any guarantee what champions are available in the all pick 2) There is never any guarantee what champions are available in your store 3) There is never any guarantee you will get items 4) There is never any guarantee that you will be able to upgrade the champions you have; because of the store 5) Matches can often be bs. You could fight the same person twice, with 0 change in your champions, items and positions. Lose the first fight and win the second. (or vice versa) I know Riot tried to fix the items to some extent but it didn't work. If anything it is now worse than before. Players can still get absolutely nothing for items while others get 10 in the same time period. And adding new champions into the mix just further complicates and pollutes the already nonsensical store/pick; because it just got that much harder to get champions you need. Also I am almost 100% convinced that after a certain level, some champions get removed from your store rotation, making the above even harder. Or if they aren't removed, they become that much harder to get since they don't show up as often because you are mainly seeing higher rarity champions.
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