Need's work

Personally, I really enjoy this game mode. However, I also believe it needs a lot of work... Here i'm going to post a few suggestions to make it better. 1: Make item recipes clearer It shouldn't be too difficult to add a menu off to the side to show item recipes. Let's say im a new player to TFT and I see a player has red buff, and then I want to put red buff on one of my units, but I have no clue how to get it. A recipe menu would completely fix this. It would also clear a lot of confusion on what the spatula does. 2: Make items drop more often One of the glaring problems with items is that the drop rate is incredibly inconsistent. You can have one person get 3 items every single monster round, and another person get absolutely zero items from all the monster rounds. Nearly every game I've played, i've gotten to krugs and they've dropped nothing except maybe a tear. 3: Make repeated champion drops more often I can totally see why common repeated champion drops would be broken, everyone would have level 3 champions early in the game. However, it really feels like I'm stuck with 1 or 2 level 1 champions for way too long. I hope riot sees this so they can improve this fun game mode. Also, add replays and nerf phantom dancer
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